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Golf Lessons Bangkok

A truly professional golf coaching facility right in the heart of Bangkok.

We have one service – to provide expert training and coaching to all levels of golfers using the very best golf development programs and technology currently available.

Whether you are a complete beginner and it’s your first time picking up a club, or you are a seasoned professional trying to save that extra shot, we have the tools at our fingertips.

Our structured lesson plans and development programs ensure your journey is not only enjoyable, but also productive and meets or exceeds your goals…. So are you ready to unleash your potential?

Golf packages

Single performance session
(90 minutes)

Work at your own pace and leave with all the information you need for continuous improvement. The package includes the following:

  • 90 minutes
  • Get to know your swing faults and how to fix them
  • A plan for continuous improvement
  • Extra Video and phone support

Introduction to golf package
(3 months)

Designed to give you the best opportunity to get golf course ready in only 3 months. The package includes the following:

  • 1 lesson and 1 practice
    per week
  • Practice plan
  • Cover all aspects of the game
  • 3 month video and phone support

Executive golf plan
(12 months)

Designed to give you the best opportunity to get a big improvement in you game in 12 months. The package includes the following:

  • 1 lesson per week
  • Multiple sessions covering all aspects of the game
  • Practice plan
  • Unlimited video and phone support



I started working with Rich about a year before I won the Tour Championship in 2021. His understanding of the numbers, their correlations to the swing, and the ability to explain simply and to-the-point have helped me times and many times again during the season. This also plays big part in helping me design my practice when I’m on the road to make sure that we continue to improve as a team and that I am set to compete with some of the worlds very best players.

Prima Thammaraks Lpga / Epson player

I’ve found Richard to be one of the most informed golf instructors I have met in my travels around the world. His swing knowledge and plan for my swing have really helped my game travel well. I would highly recommend Richard for anyone wanting to improve their golf game

Mr james Davis-yandle (scratch golfer)

I started working with pro Richard in 2017, he has really help develop my game. His knowledge of the golf swing has really helped me understand how parts of the golf swing go together to get the best results. Hopefully with continuous training I’ll be able to reach my goal to be a LPGA champion. I’d recommend pro Richard for anyone wanting to improve there golf game.

Cj boonrojsaree